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For all your fireside accessories visit the showroom in Armstrong Street, Grimsby. We have a great collection of spark guards, fire screens, companion sets/tools, coal buckets & hods, log baskets, fire grates, ashpans & frets for open fires, stove fans, stove pipe thermometers & more.

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Cleaning 2016

LTP Stone Care Kit: Cleans, polishes & maintains natural stone, marble & granite. Renovate existing fireplaces & worktops with this fantastic complete kit. The Stonefoam intensive cleaner lifts dirt & grease from natural & artificial stone including limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, concrete, marble & granite & the polish protects the surface following deep cleaning. The maintenance cleaner is great for day to day cleaning. This complete kit is priced at 35 inc VAT.

Stonefoam - by far the most popular & we believe the best intensive cleaner yet! This intensive cleaner is ideal for use on fireplaces to help lift the dirt & grime from everyday use of your fireplace. Stonefoam can be purchased separately to the above kit & is priced at 9.50 for a 250ml tin.

Rope Glue

Cleaning & maintenance products including stove door rope, rope adhesive, black grate polish, metal polish, flue sealant, carbon monoxide alarms, glass cleaner; etc.

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We also have some lovely accessories and crafts in the showroom for your home including these delightful chalk boards, key holders, storage crates, baskets and fabric treats such as bunting, decorative hearts and more, all to help create your cosy home and room settings.

We have a varied range of open fire grates and accessories in 16” and 18” versions, whether you simply need to replace a grate or if you are looking for a complete set including the fret, grate and ashpan. We keep several types in stock and even more items are available to order.


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