Wood-burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

There is nothing quite like throwing a log onto a real fire and being hypnotized by the dancing flames and glowing embers and listening to the crackling as the wood splits, hisses and splutters and whilst this seems to be all very romantic there is purpose to these appliances too.  Stoves can provide fantastic heat outputs and incredible efficiencies and if you opt for wood-burning these are regarded as carbon neutral appliances as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when burned is approximately the same as that absorbed by a tree during its growth.  It is also a renewable resource particularly when fuel is derived from plantations and cultivated woodland.  Wood-burning efficiency can even be achieved in more urban environments with the use of a smoke control kit.  Multi-fuel stoves give you the option to also burn smokeless fuels like anthracite ovoids along with wood.


Stoves are the ‘hot topic’ of conversation in the press of late and new rules regarding the use of stoves is being brought in by the Government.  This is not a ban on the use of stoves, what the Government is trying to achieve is cleaner burning by ensuring the fuels burned are clean.  Stove manufacturers are doing their bit by creating high performance appliances to comply with theEco-Designrules that will come into force in 2022.  However, the stove is only ever going to be as good as the fuel that is burned within it.  The new directive is to ensure wood has a moisture content of less than 20%, such as kiln dried hardwood.  Burning wood with a greater moisture content than 20% will offer little in the way of heat output, will be much dirtier when burning creating tar and creosote deposits, contributes to higher air pollution and can potentially damage the appliance - so really, it is just common sense!  For a little more information click on the woodsure logo - right.

H&H winner 2018

We are pleased to offer the Clock Blithfield range of multi-fuel stoves all of which are Eco-Design ready & the Compact 5 model won the prestigious ‘Best Stove Award’ at the 2018 Hearth and Home exhibition.  We have 2 models on display in the showroom.

There are currently 3 models in the range, the Blithfield 5 (pictured right) which is a fabulous looking stove with large viewing window & heat range between 3.5kW & 9.5kW with a nominal output of 5kW.  The Blithfield 5 Compact is a slimmed down version with a nominal heat output of 5kW and a range of 2.5kW to 7.5kW & the latest model, the double sided, perfect for homes where a chimney between rooms can be opened up.

The Norvik 5 is an attractive cast-iron stove which punches well above its weight with an 80% efficiency producing an A+ rating on the energy efficiency index.  The Norvik 5 has  a vermiculite brick interior for high performance and is already Eco-Design ready.

  • multi-fuel grate for wood burning or smokeless fuels
  • primary air burn (control on door)
  • airwash secondary burn (lever above door)
  • tertiary air inlets improve efficiency
  • door handle adjustment
  • inbuilt flue test point
  • eco-design ready
  • DEFRA smoke control exempt
  • 10 year conditional warranty

This is the Portway 1 Multi-fuel Stove, pictured on the left on standard leg height and on the right with the optional high legs.

The Portway I Multifuel is a compact and contemporary steel stove, which has an ultra-slim body to allow it to be installed in a wider range of fireplaces, yet it still maintains a large viewing area.

The Portway 1 is fully compliant with the Eco design directive exceptional 2022 EU standards set to improve the environment by producing highly efficient stoves, that offer clean burning, with ultra low emissions.

Portway Cont High Leg
Portway Contemp Standard Leg
Huntingdon-25-Eco ready

This is the smallest stove in the Stovax Huntingdon range, but the Huntingdon 25 wood burning and multi-fuel stove provides virtually all the features of larger models and is specially designed to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse. It is ideal for burning logs yet is equally proficient with smokeless fuels or peat briquettes. In fact, the compact Huntingdon 25 is just the stove to bring you a picture of comfort. 

Eco-Design ready with 78% efficiency rating and a nominal heat output of 4.9kW (range 3kW to 7kW).

Available in matt black with choice of clear glass door or with the gothic styling of the tracery door (as pictured).


The Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide is a period styled wood burning and multi-fuel stove offering an expansive flame view with a slim depth whilst still providing a 5kW heat output.

Featuring bevelled door frame with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom, the Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide is available in wood burning and multi-fuel versions.  Optional longer legs are also available.

Eco-Design ready with 78% efficiency rating and a nominal heat output of 5kW (range 2.5kW to 7kW).


Olsberg Lunen Wood-burning Stove: this stunning cylindrical steel wood-burning stove features a stylish black glass top and storage compartment beneath and is just one of the beautiful contemporary stoves from the Penman Olsberg range.

With the brushed steel vertical handle running the height of the door, this DEFRA approved stove sets itself apart from the crowd, with detailing like no other.  Approved for use in smoke control zones.

5kW nominal heat output with an A+ energy efficiency rating of 82% when used at nominal heat output.

See this stove on LIVE WORKING DISPLAY in the showroom.

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